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I Miss You: Episode 5 Recap

I Miss You: Episode 5 Summary

Adult Cast



The long wait is over. The adult cast finally appeared. But first, let’s get back to the kids.

Sooyeon thought about Jungwoo and their promises and her tears rolling. Hyungjoon asked her to not leave him or he’d have no one left. Sooyeon definitely saw herself in this kid and said they need only one person, just one is enough. This is the beginning of their interdependent relationship 14 years later.

Detective Kim and Jungwoo enlisted the help of a former Detective Director and some ex-thugs at a club. And they got a lead to a man who supplied fake passports to Nurse Jung.

Eunjoo found the ranaway Jungwoo at the club and brought him home. While waiting outside, he saw Sooyeon’s “I Miss You” writing on the wall. Sooyeon’s mom came out and threw the yellow umbrella at him and started hitting and yelling at him. She already accepted that Sooyeon is dead and she’s now in the grieving process. Jungwoo took the beating in silence, staring at the writing engraved. Eunjoo tried to stop ajumma, telling her Sooyeon is still alive and got a few hits herself. Mom eventually broke down and hugged Eunjoo. My feels T^T

Kim Sung Ho called Jungwoo that night and sang a song, pretty much teaching Jungwoo everyone should do what they’re supposed to do. A dog should bark, a cat should meow, and a man supposed to act like a man. Seriously, he’s the only good parent in the whole show. Later we saw him followed Nurse Jung after she picked up fake passport for Sooyeon.

Jungwoo’s dad, after telling his right-hand man that he didn’t want to see Jungwoo again, started looking for Nurse Jung more. They drove past a neighborhood and Han Tae Joon noticed some drawings on the wall, the ones similar to Hyungjoon’s drawings. He stopped his car to check but it’s only an old safehouse, they already moved. He called the nurse and told her to run away, all he needed was the kid. Joonie snatched the phone and listened to his threats and informed the gang that they need to move.

But Detective Kim found their hideout first. He peeked through a hole in the window and saw Sooyeon inside, suddenly something blocked his view. It’s Hyungjoon. He thought Kim Sung Ho was one of Taejoon’s men and urged everyone to leave. Jungwoo took the wrong moment to call Ajusshi, he informed the boy he already found Sooyeon and he’s bringing her back home. After the call, there’s a shattering sound, someone broke the window glass. Detective looked inside but no one was there anymore. And we saw Joonie looked at him with a Coke can in his hand. This is not going to end well.

Cut to the car chasing, Detective ajusshi tried to chase them and call Sooyeon, who gave zero response. The cars reached mountain area and he noticed his brake didn’t work, there’s a Coke can under his brake pedal. (Hyungjoonie! How could you!?) And his car launched off the cliff. Hyungjoon rested his head on Sooyeon’s shoulder in relief after making sure they’re finally safe.

Jungwoo, Eunjoo, and Sooyeon’s mom mourned his death at the cliff and Jungwoo vowed he’d continue the search for Sooyeon. And we cut to the adult Jungwoo standing on the very same cliff.


We get to know Jungwoo first. He is now a detective nicknamed Crazy Rabbit. He was at a norahbang (karaoke) where, I believe, the Kidnapper#1 owns. Look like he came out real fast and become quite wealthy too. Apparently, Jungwoo’s been trolling, coming to the norahbang and using the VIP room every day just to annoy the man. Kidnapper#1 tried to get Jungwoo out but he was grabbed by the neck. Jungwoo told the man to not cross him or he might be dead.

After Kidnapper#1, he went to troll the Kidnapper#2 aka the rapist too. This guy was still in jail. He’d be released in 3 days. Jungwoo started trolling; he blocked the CCTV so he can beat up the rapist. He said he became a detective so he can kill the rapist legally. He told the rapist to beware of him when it got to get out, and without his permission. The guy can’t die.

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed. Yoochun’s over-the-top singing was hilarious but when he threatened Kidnapper#1 and the rapist, it didn’t feel right to me. I believe the lines should be spoken either with coldness or wild craziness, but he lacked both. It wasn’t scary to me. I wish we could go back to the last episode and bring Detective Kim to show him how it’s supposed to be done. That calm but serious voice he used with the culprits can scare anyone opposing him.

Later, his boss scolded him for exercising his police privilege the wrong way. This adult Jungwoo is definitely a troll xD He didn’t even act guilty. And my heart swayed at the sight of him pouting and making fun. His partner hyung eventually stepped up to apologize on his behalf. Jungwoo got a call and ran out… to home. He’s living with Eunjoo and Sooyeon’s mom as a non-blood-related family. They seemed like one happy family. There’s a tinge of sadness when they picked up the clothes when it rained, Jungwoo pinned Mom’s hair with a clothespin just like he did to Sooyeon. But the sadness soon disappeared and they played around again.

After the rain stopped, Jungwoo engraved Sooyeon’s writing on the wall. From the writing, it is now carved deep and clear in the wall. I have a feeling he’s doing this anyway as the last thing linked him to Sooyeon.

Though disappointed by his lacking act earlier, Park Yoochun’s Han Jang Woo is still a ball of emotions for me. From trolling to beating people up to playing around to misery. Applause. Applause.

Cut to a random scene of Nurse Jung swimming and out of the blue, just drowned and died. Jungwoo investigated the death inside of a big house.

Little Ah Reum is also grown up now. She and her mom (Jungwoo’s step mom) were in Jeju to scout Joy. It appeared that she still faced a lot of inner hardship in this marriage and trying to find a way around to get some money.

Side note: Ah Ruem is as trolling as her brother =_=”



The next one on queue is Yoon Eun Hye’s Lee Soo Yeon who is now known as Joy/Zoe, a famous designer. She’s preparing for her fashion show when a staff came running, asking her to deal with someone. Another designer was throwing a fit, she’s angry that Joy got the spotlight. Joy walked in and gave the girl epic slaps, not once but twice! Everyone was in dead silence and then there’s a cane-stomping sound. Hyungjoon is also in the house. Joy looked around for him and even went on four limbs in order to spot the cane. But the man with the cane wasn’t Hyungjoon. He walked in from other direction and Joy leaped into his arms. Hyungjoon is now Harry Barrison, a successful businessman. Since they talked in French, I guess they fled to France earlier.

I was worried about the chemistry of this pairing before due to their age differences. But I shouldn’t have to. The chemistry just worked real nice.

They were walking and chatting. Harry asked her what would she do if that designer sued her, Joy said it’d be okay coz Harry’s gonna hire an expensive lawyer for her. Again, people, breathe it in! These kind of sweet scenes never last long; something bad is sure around the corner. Joy stopped walking and for a moment, it looked like Harry was gonna kiss her. But nope, he just bumped his head on hers. But why does this melt my heart even more >.<

Stepmom and Ah Reum saw the whole thing and the stepmom thought Joy is cheating on her sponsor with Harry. She took their photo by her phone.

Side note: For those who do not know… Sponsor normally means the one who supports artists financially and along the line, got into sexual/romantic relationship with the artist. Sponsor doesn’t mean the company or brand the artist endorses. Harry is indeed Joy’s sponsor but because he’s young, Mi Ran thought he’s just a lover.

At Nurse Jung’s death scene, Jungwoo was looking around the house. He found a locked door and was ready to break in but his hyung stopped him. Did anyone notice the wall behind the picture of Harry & Joy slid? Could there be a secret passage? They were finally able to get in, Jungwoo stared at the picture and it’s like he found Joy familiar.

Back at Joy & Harry, they were in the car and Joy did the hand thing Jungwoo used to do to erase bad memories. She said she’s skilled at erasing bad memories and will only create new ones with Harry. She continued to say she can’t even remember her face coz she’s gotten so pretty and Harry blurted out “What?”. He teased her saying they should have their nose done. His phone rang, it’s Jungwoo calling to inform him about Nurse Jung Hye Mi who was known as Michelle Kim now. Jungwoo heard Sooyeon’s voice over the phone and you can tell he found it familiar.

Sooyeon’s working and rehearsing at the runway. Harry came to support her and you can tell how his presence calmed her and she started to panic when she couldn’t find him. Stepmom shoed in and gave Joy her card but Joy brushed it off. The fashion show went down successfully but Joy wasn’t there for the finale, she already ran back to the hotel to find Harry. Bad boy, he slept on the couch with his headphone on, she took it off and stared at him asleep. When he woke up, it’s his turn to stare at the sleeping beauty, and I’m melted by Yoo Seung Ho’s glare again. Kyahhh xD


I’m quite surprised. I didn’t expect them to behave like a real couple. But they did look like real couple even referring to each other as the one I love. Not that I’m complaining though 😛

Joy was awoken by a phonecall. Harry was already in Seoul. He took care to order the room service and buy a plane ticket for her to go back to France. Joy demanded to know why he’s doing all he wished, and he told her aunt is dead. Joy asked if she should go too but he stopped her, saying he’d hurry back to her side. After they hung up, it’s the first meeting of the adult Hyungjoon and Jungwoo.

Sooyeon followed him to Seoul anyway. Though at first, it appeared she’s no longer everyone’s doormat and able to stand for herself. Seoul seemed to strike her the other way and she became scared and jumpy. She tried to call Harry who is the only contact in her phone but no use.

Both Jungwoo and Sooyeon still liked the rain. Jungwoo drove Harry back to his mansion after he identified the body. And on his way out, he saw a girl at the gate, playing the “It will rain, it won’t rain” game. The girl even played with her feet the very same way Sooyeon used to. Jungwoo could only stare in disbelief. Joy started to run off, with the steel gate separated them, Jungwoo called her to stop and tried to climb over it but fell down. And it ended there.



I’m just glad I’m back. I love every little bit of it. Full of mystery and misery. And they never stall. The story is always fast-paced.

Let’s talk about the plot first. I was bummed Detective Kim died. I love him and wish his part is longer T^T. but other than that, no complaints. Adult and Young Jungwoo definitely synched with one another. So good job, Yoochun. Jungwoo has always been a bit of a troll, he’s cheerful and loved making fun of others. But still, after seeing Sooyeon in so much pain, I just wish he’d suffer more.

I really like Joy’s character. She has a sign of both new and old person mixed inside her. We got to see her gave epic slaps to someone crossing her to show that she’s no longer a victim but we also saw her being quite dependent on Harry, at least emotion-wise. She’s afraid that he’d leave her and his presence means the world to her.

With Hyungjoon, I think he’s grown up to be very charismatic young man. We didn’t get to see the happy little Joonie coz he’s always hurt, always in hiding. So seeing him all happy with new life was a breath of fresh air. And I wonder if it’s other actors playing it, would I be so head-over-heels like this? Yoo Seung Ho already got my heart since his first appearance xD.

I like the dynamic of the story. Though many believed Joy is heavily dependent on Harry. I see it as more of an interdependent relationship. I don’t think one can live without another. There are also signs that Harry knew what happened to her in the past and he’s caring enough to make things easy and slow for her. And we also see a little of his overly protective side when he told her to go back to France.

All in all, there are a lot going on in this episode. And I’d love to continue discussing but my eyes are so heavy right now. I hope I can finish Ep6 tomorrow. And if the eng sub of Ep7 came out, I’d start the full recap of it immediately.

Thanks everyone for reading even though you’re not commenting xD

Special thanks to Yodya onni for the detailed specualtions, and Santaiah and Vegaspink for advertising my blog 🙂


2 responses

  1. Luo Yi Chen

    Hi Viola, thank you so much for your recaps and comments of episodes 1-5 of Missing You. Really gives me a lot of additional insight to the drama, which, I really love, by the way. I started watching it only to support YEH but I got a bonus with a good story, directing, cinematography and a great cast.

    November 29, 2012 at 9:47 am

  2. eka damayanti

    Thanks for sinopsis of Missing U.. I can’t wait to watch the drama. I really like YEH n never gonna miss her drama..

    December 18, 2012 at 10:00 am

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